Fully integrated entertainment systems

Getting engrossed in your favourite box set, or watching the latest movie or sporting event is a great opportunity to wind-down, de-stress and spend time with family and friends or cosy up by yourself. 

Now you can have the cinema experience in your home without people chatting behind you and you can press pause when you want to get a drink and you won't miss a thing. 

Enjoy anywhere in your home

With discrete ceiling and in-wall speakers and just a remote control or a small keypad on the wall, you can enjoy music and TV anywhere in the house. 

Your large music and movie collection can be stored in a small centralised server and accessed anywhere, or dock your smart phone or tablet in the lounge and listen to it in the kitchen and with no bulky equipment or wires on show, a home audio system allows you to listen to any music, anywhere.  Add a touch screen keypad to your system and not only can you take full control of your music server, tablet and Satellite System, but you can also control your lighting and heating.

Wall mounted televisions and soundbars

More ofen we are seeing people mount their televisions to the wall with no unsightly cabling or wiring. We work closely with design experts to make sure your each room is designed with technology and comfort in mind. 

The home cinema experience

Many people take the next step and go for the full home cinema experience. Replacing the television screen for an overhead projector, instantly gives a wider and more cinematic appearance. Adding more speakers to the front, middle, rear and ceiling of the room, delivers a cinema sound quality that immerses you in what you are watching.

We can customise your options to meet your budget and requirements