Complete control

In most homes heating controls are programmed to turn on and off at certain times of the day, regardless if anyone was home and one single temperature is set for the whole home. Of course newer smart thermostats can still be programmed, but their ability to learn from your behaviour and adapt to your lifestyle makes your home feel more like a home of the future.

With a heating control system from Idea, temperatures can be controlled on a room by room basis which can  energy savings. A recent study by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) shows that over 60% of home energy used is for heating. With a heating control system, savings in excess of 30% can be made.

You have complete control of your heating system via your smart phone or tablet app. So if you are travelling home from work and you feel it’s a bit cooler then you can adjust the smart thermostat remotely. Or if you have been away for a while and switched the heating off whilst away, using your smart phone you can switch everything on before you arrive home meaning you arrive to a warm and cosy or cool and refreshing home. 

Saving energy and money

With an Idea heating control system, temperatures are controlled on a room by room basis and by linking with other systems such as the intruder alarm significant energy savings can be made. Idea's smart heating technology continuously monitors room temperatures and adjusts the heating up and dowm accordingly to maintain a steady temperature, eliminating peaks and troughs and wasted energy. 

For example, if you leave the house, or go to bed the temperature in every room can be reduced by four or five degrees from a single button press, or when the intruder alarm is set. Normal temperatures can be quickly resumed on you return or in the morning. 


If you have a ventilation or air conditioning system, this too can be controlled.  By using the same keypad in a room the system will decide whether heating, cooling or ventilation is required to achieve the required temperature.  In more advanced systems the humidity of the room can also be controlled on a room by room basis.