Closed circuit television cameras have been widely available and have been deployed in residential homes for some time now. However, the modern smart home security cameras and systems that can now be installed monitor your home on your TV, smart phone or tablet regardless of location.

We've all had that panic when we think 'did I put the alarm on'. Through an app on your smart phone you can check if the alarm is on and if not switch it on if necessary even if you were abroad.

At Idea we have a number of security solutions including Intruder Alarms, CCTV, Door Entry & Access Control and Automatic Gates and Barriers.  Our systems are designed to give you the highest level of protection while remaining simple to operate.  Maintenance contracts and Monitoring are available with most of our systems.

Intruder alarms

Intruder Alarms form the basis of most security systems, at Idea we can design, install and maintain intruder alarm systems up to current European standards that can be connected to a central monitoring station with Police response added for total peace of mind.  Whether it's a small system with a couple of detectors or large systems spanning multiple areas and different buildings we can design and install the solution that's right for you.  Our intruder alarm systems can also be integrated with many of our other systems to offer increased function and simpler use.


CCTV was once just something we might see on the occasional street corner, nowadays CCTV has become a crucial part of most security solutions.  Whether it's for a commercial / industrial application or something for around the home, we have a solution for you.  At idea our latest CCTV systems are now recording at a rate of 25fps (frames per second),  CCTV systems traditionally have recorded at rates of between 1 and 5fps leaving those jumpy images we have all seen.  At 25fps it is quite difficult to tell the difference between live and recorded images. 

We are able to integrate your CCTV system with a number of other systems to offer maximum security:

  • Broadband Integration - this means that wherever you are around the world your CCTV system is only a click away
  • Intruder Alarm Integration - allowing suspicious events to be flagged on the CCTV system for easy interrogation
  • Television System Integration - allowing CCTV cameras to be viewed in every room on your TV's

Access Control & Door Entry

Access control appears in many forms, whether it's opening those electric gates, securing that office door, or a combination of multiple doors, gates and barriers, at Idea we have many access control systems to offer. Entry can be gained by pin code, key tag, swipe card, wireless transmitter, finger print recognition, retinal recognition or a combination of more than one of these.  These systems can be simple stand-alone systems or multi door computer-based systems that produce reports.  

Intercom Systems

Alongside any access control system we have a number of intercom systems to allow users to grant access remotely.  Again these systems vary in size and function depending on your requirements.