Traditionally home lighting was a light and a switch with a simple on / off function.  With a lighting control system from idea you can take full control and even automate your home lighting.  Traditional light switches are replaced with multi-button keypads, each button having different programable functions,  so now a single button press may set a whole scene accross a number of lights, a number of areas or even your complete home.  For example, a keypad in a lounge may have a number of buttons, each selecting a different lighting scene for that room, one for reading, one for entertaining, one for movies etc, etc.  Each button press would adjust all of the lights in that room dimming and switching them to pre determined values.  Buttons can be programmed for whole house on for security, or whole house off for bedtime.

Link your lighting system to your intruder alarm system so it knows when you are in and out, and have the system simulated occupancy while you are away or turn the lights on if the alarm is activated.  Even turn lights off in rooms where there has been no activity for some time - saving electricity.


 Follow the link to see some of the ranges of switches and temperature controllers from different manufacturers.