What would you like from your smart home?

We discuss with you your day-to-day activities and the real benefits you would like from your smart home. You may have ideas in mind and along with our own concepts we will talk to you about integrated systems and how they will change the way you live.

We will then put together some initial proposals, designs and budgets.

Equipment Specification

Once approved we will then source the finest equipment available within your budget, and assemble a list of products for your approval, together with full specifications and a detailed quotation.


Full System Design

Once a deposit has been taken we’ll carefully position all the equipment onto your architectural plans if available so you know exactly where everything will go.

Cabling and wiring

We draw the wiring schematics onto the architectural plans and produce a cable schedule of every cable to be run. This is passed onto the on-site electrician (where present) along with all specialist cables.

Your expectations

We makes sure we both understand what is expected and a functionality specification for each room will be signed by both parties so we know exactly what the system will do, and what will not do.

Project Management

Project Handover

Particularly when a number of tradespeople are involved we will provide a dedicated project manager who will brief everyone at the beginning of the project so everyone knows what is required.


Wiring and equipment

The wiring is installed and we will order and test the equipment before being delivered to site. Once this is complete we can terminate the installed cables and attach the relevant connectors ready for the equipment installation.

Equipment Installation

Speakers, televisions, control devices and all other equipment is installed by our specialist engineers and specialist controls are configured and then we are ready to set-up at your home to ensure the performance is perfect.

Showing you how everything works

Room by room we will take you through the system and controls to ensure you know how everything works and make sure this is matches with what we agreed at the project outset. Of course we also provide an easy-to-understand manual on how the system works detailing individual and central functions warranties and service contract details.


We leave you to enjoy the system for a week or two, and then return to see if anything needs adjusting or changing to your particular preferences.